Newborn Bib Set



“One-size-fits-all” bib set with incremental features to support baby development stages during the First 1000 days of parenting:

  • start as a “spit-up bib” on the neck of newborn baby for breastfeeding/bottle feeding;
  • to become “feeding bib” with “add-on catcher” to cover fast growing 3+ months old infant;
  • to attach catcher on a “coverall bib” for baby weaning from 4 to 12+ months old;
  • to connect “extension table mat” on coverall bib to accommodate suction container on front tray or table for baby led weaning from 6 to 12+ months;
  • to switch to “extension bib mat” on coverall bib to lengthen body coverage from neck to knee for messy play activities of a growing 12 to 36 months old child.

The BiBisFun bib product is targeting at the Millennial Parents for Baby Led Parenting. Millennial are tackling parenting differently by taking on a more intimate, less hierarchical role with their children than parents of previous generations. Nearly 8 out of 10 millennial parents agree that their child is one of their best friends. To that end, they want an open, honest dialogue from the very beginning using baby led parenting approach and BiBisFun bib is looking to engage millennial parents, consider how they differentiate themselves in this new role compared to previous generations. They’re making parenting all their own by sharing responsibilities, breaking gender stereotypes, and being “open” with their kids. And BiBisFun baby bib is there in a moment of need, with step-by-step add-on features for supporting their baby led parenting from milk feeding newborn to sensory weaning in toddler age. This product is able to help millennial parents with LESS bibs to buy, to carry, to wash and to waste for a greener planet! In return saving MORE money and finding MORE time for parenting fun with their children.

BiBisFun is the 5th Generation Baby Bib made of child-friendly fabric of quick clean and dry for frequent daily use that’s cater for baby led parenting:

  • support growing babies from newborn to toddler age
  • offer short/long sleeves alteration feature in one bib
  • can be wipe clean (in restaurant), hand wash (in picnic) or machine wash (at home) in different occasions
  • add-on feature for more functions i.e. feeding, weaning and messy play activities
  • accommodate suction plate/bowl in different meal settings to avoid spillover
  • mount on highchairs and tables to reduce mess on the floor

The “MORE in One” Series Multi-functional Features in Minimalist designing style for baby comfort during nursing, feeding, weaning and messy play activities;One Size fits All Coverage of body front & back while standing as well as sitting on highchair or attaching to a table front;Refreshable Wrinkle-Free Fabrics of Wash n Wear in minutes for frequent usage in all weather outdoor and indoor activities;Easy Pack and Go Built-in Bag for speedy bib setting to start and tidy wrap up when finish.


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